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The all-in-one tool for audio collaboration & management

Get clear, structured feedback, exchange ideas and organize all your projects, communication, files and collaborators in one single hub. Save time on boring stuff.

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Audome project page
  • Joe Marlett
    Joe Marlett
    (Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age)

    Audome is the only way I deliver mixes

    "The way I can customize my delivery options allows me to tailor to each individual client which gives me a professional look. The audio is delivered quickly, there’s no quality loss and the player is smooth and seamless."

  • Max Derkum
    Max Derkum
    (Kim Wilde, Anastacia, Lilly Allen, Kiesza)

    Audome is my goto-tool for communication with my mixing & mastering clients

    "I love the overview of my uploaded files and revisions. My clients are able to upload their recordings to my account and managing revisions notes with timestamps makes working with Audome a pleasure. That way I never lose track of what still needs to be done."

  • Koosha Music
    Koosha Music
    (Composer, musician)

    Fantastic software

    “Fantastic software for big productions. We work with world-famous artists with this software and we are very satisfied with it.”

  • Jan Boren, Sound Village
    Jan Boren
    (Versus, SINDUSTRY, ROBEZ, Chellcy Reitsma)

    It’s great!

    “We and all of our artists & partners use this contemporary and innovative new software with growing experience”

  • Doug, BetterBeats
    (Music Production Blog)

    Huge timer saver

    “Audome is a great tool for centralising all music production feedback and stakeholder communication into one platform and providing you with specific, precise, and structured feedback. I can see this being a huge time saver and saving a lot of headaches.”

  • Henri Schweizer
    Henri Schweizer
    (BTNG, Jabba, Themis, DACE)

    Enhanced workflow

    “Audome enhanced my workflow a lot and my clients are super happy with the results. So thanks for that 🙏”

Get always structured revisions notes

File upload

Integrated client file upload with no limit.

Let your clients upload massive session files directly to your Audome project with our powerful drag-and-drop File Vault. Just send them a link and get the files. No login required. No (hidden) limits. No need for a separate tool or subscription. Simply 100% integrated into your Audome workflow.

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Easy communication

Structured feedback.

From everyone. Faster.

Use time-stamped comments, replies and tags for precise and fast communication with your clients or collaborators - No login required. Audome structures all the feedback in a To-Do list for you. More progress in less time. One hub, not 5+ different platforms.


Project management

Your projects, files, collaborators and more

– all in one hub.

Audome centralizes all your projects, collaborators, communication and files in one single hub. Manage your work through the dashboard and never miss a message or deadline again. No more manually organizing.


Audome replaces Excel Audome replaces Trello Audome replaces Dropbox
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Audome replaces Dropbox Audome replaces WeTransfer Audome replaces Google Drive
Lossless quality

Lossless audio.

Shared anywhere.

Let anyone hear your work exactly how it is supposed to sound. No poorly-compressed files, loudness normalization or subpar streaming quality. Share up to 96kHz/24-bit files and let your clients hear your work in its full (uncompressed) glory!

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Collaborator spaces


collaborator spaces.

Ditch the boring download link in a basic email. Deliver your work through dedicated collaborator spaces and increase customer satisfaction with custom branding, personalization and more. Works on both desktop and mobile. Engagement everywhere.


The security you don’t get in a link or email.

Regular links and emails give you no control or security. Use Audome and be in control. Toggle file download to protect your work, hide already sent audio and password-protect links to ensure privacy and security for both you, your clients and your collaborators.

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Version management


version management.

Organize every version of your audio and comments automatically to save you time and headaches. No more "FINAL_FINAL_V5". The newest version is always the default, so everyone is on the same page, no matter what.

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