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Let’s give FilePass credit where it’s due: It’s a damn solid filesharing service for audio! And their leader, Brian Hood, has done some amazing stuff in helping audio engineers with growing their businesses. But back to FilePass, the product. But back to FilePass, the product.

Even though it’s well-established and has been around for some years, it may no longer be the right audio-sharing and revision management software for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at an alternative to FilePass and break down some key differences, pros, cons and pricing.

So why look for a FilePass alternative?

As stated, FilePass is a great tool that works for a lot of people. But you might be looking for an alternative because of different reasons. Maybe you are:

  • Lacking some functionality to handle your needs
  • Feeling constrained by inbuilt limits
  • Or maybe you’re just out testing the waters for other options.

Another reason you could be looking for an alternative is the price tag. At $24/month for their Part-Time plan and $49/month for their Pro plan, you should be completely happy with the tool.

Do you really need to pay that much? Audome is a new alternative with added innovation priced at $15/month (early adopter price available now) for all of our features. But is Audome the right alternative for you? Let’s first have a look at the similarities between FilePass and Audome.

Simililarities between FilePass and Audome

Both are web-based filesharing tools made for the audio industry. Users can send lossless audio (MP3 or WAV files) to their clients or collaborators enabling precise and structured feedback through time-stamped comments directly in the audio file. The audio is streamable in lossless format or can be downloaded. Both tools offer functionality to limit the ability to download for added security. So if you’re still sending audio through WeTransfer (or god forbid the bad-sounding Dropbox player!) and handling communication through email, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp (you name it) - Then both Filepass and Audome will be a gift to your audio workflow! Now let’s dig into the differences.

Differences between FilePass and Audome

Storage and upload

First up is FilePass’ limit on both storage and upload. For $24/month, you get 256 GB of storage and 10 GB/month of upload. They can very quickly run out. The 10 GB/month upload is especially very limiting. It’s not like storage where you can delete older projects to have space for new ones. It’s a hard limit each month. Did you upload the wrong files to a client? Bad luck. Did you want to test-upload some files? There goes a part of your monthly spending. You can always upgrade to their Pro plan with no upload limits if your wallet allows the $49/month spend. With Audome you get unlimited upload and 300GB of storage. For $15/month.

Client view

While FilePass is a solid service, their client view is a bit dull looking. It’s just a giant player and a comment section, with limited ability to customize (a small logo only on the Pro plan), and not that great use of space on a web page. Audome makes delivering audio a professional and engaging experience for the client. You can add a custom cover image and logo to the page for a professional and branded look. You can also upload a picture of the client and album art for the project you’re working on. You can even disable the entire comment section if you just need a nice place for your clients to listen in a lossless format. This makes the delivery page your own and makes the client feel cared for - and who doesn’t like feeling cared for?


While FilePass’s dashboard does the job and bears a resemblance to your computer’s file browser, it lacks some time-saving functionality. You have no way of easily overviewing what’s happening in all of your projects. And depending on how many folders you’re into, getting into a file requires a lot of clicks. FilePass do have a project status, but it’s based on the payment, and not what’s actually going on in the project. Audome doesn’t have en same folder structure but adopts a status-based dashboard style. This makes it easy to overview all of your projects at the same time, see which clients have provided feedback and where you need to do work. Great for fast project management.


FilePass has a Stripe-integrated paywall which can lock downloads before the payment is done if you’re okay with the Stripe fee. Audome hasn’t integrated payment yet (coming soon), but you are still able to lock and unlock the ability to download the audio. Audome adds extra security with password protection for those VIP clients. So if you’re looking for a now-ready PayPal integration, FilePass might be your best choice, depending on the price you want to pay.

Version management

FilePass doesn’t have any automatic version management built in. You’d have to do it manually through naming your files v.1, v.2 etc. All of the files will be located in the file browser as described above. Having multiple versions of each song on an album can quickly get out of hand. Audome manages your versions automatically. Your clients won’t have to leave the site to switch versions. They can easily jump between versions and you won’t have a lot of files placed in a folder.


And yes, Price. It’s an obvious difference here, even though we like to be different in features and functionality instead. While the cheapest FilePass plan costs $24/month, Audome costs $15/month.

Summary FilePass vs. Audome

There you have it. A comparison of FilePass and Audome. If you’re looking for an alternative to FilePass, Audome is definitely worth checking out.

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